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Riverside County is part of the Inland Empire. With a population of over 2.1 million, it is the fourth most populous of California’s 58 counties. Each year, well over 100 traffic accident fatalities in Riverside County are attributed to drunk driving with nearly 2000 people suffering injuries. If you were driving impaired or accused of it, and were involved in a fatal accident or one involving serious injuries to others, you face almost certain felony DUI and other criminal charges that could result in your spending years in state prison.

Even for a so called routine DUI arrest, you face the ignominy of a DUI conviction, likely jail time, thousands of dollars in fines and related costs, increased insurance premiums, months of attendance at a DUI course, loss of your driving privilege and possoble installation of and interlock ignition system on your car once your license is reinstated. It yoi were arrested and charged with a duI, call a Riverside DUI Lawyer from Riverside DUI Attorney.

1st DUI & DWI

No one ever expects to get stopped for driving nder the infulence and although scary, 1st-time DUI are often misdemeanor.

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2nd DUI & DWI

No one wants a 2nd DUI but getting one will bring forth much harsher penalties than your first. Luckily, you are not alone…

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3rd DUI & DWI

A 3rd DUI means jail time, heavy fines and years of liscense suspensio. This isn’t something you want to face alone!

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Hit and Run DUI & DWI

Dui’s coupled with Hit & Run charges are aggravated circumstances which will enhance your sentence. We can help lessen it!

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DUI & DWI Accidents

No one ever expects to get stopped for driving under the infulence and although scary, 1st-time DUIs are often only a misdemeanor.

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Commercial DUI & DWI

No one ever expects to get stopped for driving under the infulence and although scary. 1sttime DUIs are often only a misdemeanor.

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DUI Charges and Penalties

If you were stopped and arrested for DUI, you typically face one or both of the following charges under California law:

  • Driving with a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of 0.08%-CVC Section 23152(b)
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs—CVC Section 23152(a)

If you are charged with a DUI, do not assume that you have to accept the consequences without a fight. Consider what a first time DUI conviction entails:

  • Probable jail time of 2 to 4 days or community service in some cases
  • Jail or state prison time if you had an accident that injured or killed someone
  • Fine of $1500 to over $2000
  • License suspension for 6 months or one year if BAC testing was refused
  • Installation of an ignition interlock system in your car
  • Mandatory participation in a 3-month DUI class or 9 months if testing was refused or aggravating circumstances were present
  • Summary probation for 3 years
  • Substantial effect on insurance

Aggravating Circumstances

If there are aggravating circumstances such as driving 20 mph over the limit, presence of a child 14 or under in your car, your BAC was 0.15%, you injured or killed someone in an accident, or you have multiple prior DUI charges, you face likely jail time or state prison time if a felony. Also, you could lose your driver’s license for more than a year without the opportunity for a restricted license.

A first-time DUI can cost you $10,000 or more in legal fees, fines, court and DMV costs and increased insurance costs. Consult with a DUI lawyer from the Riverside DUI Attorney Group if you were arrested for a DUI.

What to Do if Arrested

You do not have to provide evidence that might incriminate you. You have certain rights if suspected of impaired driving. At the scene of your traffic stop by an officer, your rights include:

  • Declining to answer any questions other than providing the necessary identification and insurance

  • Declining to perform any FST or field sobriety test

  • Declining to take the PBT or portable breath test

  • Being advised you may take a blood or breath test

  • Being given a chance to take a blood test after taking the breathalyzer

Police and staff must follow certain steps or protocol. They must have a valid reason to stop your car and have probable cause to arrest you, which means being able to show objective circumstances that led a police officer to reasonably believe you were driving while under the influence. In many cases, if you follow these steps, an Riverside DUI lawyer from the Riverside DUI Attorney Group can get your charges dismissed or negotiate a plea to a lesser charge.

The DMV Hearing

When arrested for a DUI, you will be involved in two proceedings– the criminal aspect of your case and the civil, which only concerns the DMV and the suspension of your driving privileges. You have only 10 days to request a DMV or Per Se hearing to determine if your license should be suspended because your BAC was at least 0.08% and/or you were driving while under the influence. For drivers under 21, your BAC cannot be 0.01% and for commercial drivers, it cannot be 0.04%. our riverside DUI lawyers from the Riverside DUI Attorney Group can represent you at this hearing and challenge any probable cause assertions to stop and arrest you as well as the results of any breath or blood test.

Defenses to a DUI

You have a number of defenses available to you in a DUI prosecution that our DUI lawyers can present. These include:

  • Lack of probable cause to stop or arrest you
  • Reasonable explanations for your performance on an FST
  • It cannot be proved you were the driver
  • If arrested or tested hours after a collision, you were not under the influence or had a BAC of 0.08% at the time you were driving
  • Explanations for your appearance or demeanor that do not involve alcohol or drugs
  • The breathalyzer results had a false high reading based on any of dozens of conditions that could have interfered with its accuracy
  • The machine was not calibrated or serviced properly
  • The blood test sample was contaminated based on failure to follow protocol
  • Other defenses based on the circumstances of your case

Our Riverside DUI lawyer from the Riverside DUI Attorney Group can get your charges dismissed or negotiate a plea to a lesser charge. Please call TOLL FREE (888) 754-9860.Call a Riverside DUI Lawyer

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